Goal for the day: Update on finished weekend projects

I didn't do either of the projects I was anticipating. No, I went a different direction and hit up my DIY bug. I went to the hardware store to get paint (white spray paint) to refinish our patio furniture. This was after my hubby and I finished putting up the molding in our room around our door- only took me 11 months to get around to putting up the items we bought. Ugh. Time really does escape occasionally.

So, at the hardware store they have paint swatch cards so you can see all the cool colors. It looks like a rainbow and it got me thinking of all of these I have laying around and how I should probably do something with them like recycle them. So I had seen somewhere (apologizes I have no idea where I had seen it) cool easter egg decorations made with paint swatches. So I decided after I painted the black table white (to match my retro looking chairs) that I would make an Easter decoration.

 I spent a good deal of time cutting out easter eggs and stringing them together, but as is always the case, I spent the most time untangling them after I had strung them! I think they turned out kind of fun! I just have to figure out a way to store them for next year that won't involve a good  hour of time untangling (these are probably the same concept as a string of christmas lights. We all know no matter how careful you are when you put them away come time to put them up again they are one huge ball...). 

So what to do next... That long awaited painting? Those shirts for me? Time will tell I suppose what shall be created. I guess I am hesitant about both projects. The painting because it has been, a while to say the least, since I painted or drew. I used to do it daily and I know if you don't keep a practice up it becomes more difficult to get the paint/pencil to do what you envision. So I am concerned that what I start with won't end up how I see it in my head. And the shirts, why do I hesitate on those- well because I don't want to measure myself. I am really excited because I reached my pre-pregnancy weight yesterday (WooHoo!) and that was a great achievement and I am thrilled, but I know I didn't reach my pre-pregnancy shape. I wasn't expecting to have a baby and fit back into size 6 the minute afterwards and I wouldn't trade all my zebra stripes I obtained for my old abs if it meant I didn't get to spend time with my gorgeous daughter, but I am still self conscious about the way my weight sits on me. So, a little while ago one of my friends decided they were going to start training for a 5K so I asked if I could tag along. Just knowing I'm accountable to someone else has done wonders for my motivation- I have actually done the training for two days (actually 5 if you count the crosstrain/rest days) so I hope to measure myself soon and make those shirts. I really should just make the caftan...I mean the whole point of them is to hide imperfections...I wonder if I could wear it running- I would love a little extra forgiveness when I get my move on!

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