Craft for the day: children's apron

So, I will be attending a child's birthday party with my daughter at a bakery in a week or so. My little girl really has a knack for picking out perfect gifts and had selected a cute little wooden play food item that is birthday themed and was really excited about giving it...so she's a little disappointed she has to wait to hand it over. She is however, over the moon excited to go to the party!

To go with the play kitchen items, I decided I should make a kid apron to go with it. This is a pretty simple sewing project if you're new to sewing. It requires some very basic materials (I used 100% cotton) from the quilting section, and either a button or snap.

I started with laying fabric out on the cutting mat matched exactly with right sides together and smoothed flat. Then I cut the fabric to be 18" x 22". Once this was done, fold the fabric in half so it is now 9"x 22". Then using a compass (you remember from Geometry) I measured and cut a semi-circle out of the non-folded corner that has a 4.5" radius. In addition I cut two strips of fabric that were 18" x 3" and one 12" x 3".

The first thing to do is to sew up the 3" strips to make the ties for the side and the one that goes around the neck. I did this by ironing and folding the fabric and then sewing along all sides to make nice strips. Then these are laid between the layers of fabric (I did two layers of fabric so this is reversible). The ties should be on the inside as you sew around the arm holes, sides and bottom (leaving the top open). Then you flip it right side out, iron all the edges and fold down the top seam, and iron it. Once that is done, insert the neck tie into one side of the top and sew around the entire perimeter of the apron (this will finish the edge as well as add extra security to your ties).

After completing this, I figured out that my daughter currently needs a 9 inch neck strap to put the apron in the correct location...so I added a large snap to the neck strap at 9"s as well as to the front of the apron. This way it'll be adjustable and still stay in place. Alternatively, you could do a button hole and a button, or two neck straps to tie. If you're feeling extra fancy, add pockets, names, etc. Ah the possibilities!

I did two aprons, as I decided my little girl needed one too. Now she will hopefully stay clean for cooking projects too!

Ended up super cute! Happy crafting to you!


Project for the day: Bunny nails

So, it's less than a week til Easter and we decided to get all spring-y here. My daughter wanted me to do her nails, so instead of just a simple single coat, I went all out and did Bunny nails!

I know you're jealous...but really this thumb nail was the best one...there are definitely 9 just ok ones :) She's a big fan though. Also, I've found when she has nail polish on, she tries really hard not to suck her thumbs... so this may be the method I use to start to break that habit before long.

Happy Easter again :)


Just in time for Easter: Finished wooden Eggs

I said I would post a picture of when I had finished all the wooden eggs. I did 6 of them myself. My two year old daughter did 3 and my husband did 1.

Here they are!

This was actually a great craft for my daughter to take part in. She loves painting, and had enough patience for one egg at a time.

She did two eggs in the crayola washable watercolor paints and they turned out lovely as well. The rest are done in the Martha Stewart craft paint. (which if you haven't noticed, I love).

The only issue we've had with them is when people visit my daughter will run over to them with the eggs and the guests have slightly freaked out because they don't want to break them, not realizing they are wooden...but really...that's a compliment :)

Hope you have a lovely Easter all in case I don't craft before then :)


Craft-it forward: Rock-a-billy shoes

If you have been on Facebook in the last few months you probably have seen at least one instance of the "Pay it forward - craft for the year" thing. This was a fun little project to offer 5 people the opportunity to get a crafted item from you. In return they have to offer the same deal to their facebook friends.

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and I have officially almost finished my first one. I have a friend who really likes retro/rockabilly styles so I decided what better item to send than a crafted forward retro looking item. I also noticed that she had quite a few leopard-print and red shoes pinned on her pinterest boards. So that was the goal.

I got her dress size and shoe sizes (so I could find at least stuff that would work for her, if I found what I wanted). I turned these scuffed up thrift store shoes (this is post acetone scrub and a touch up with some black paint to fill in holes in the scuffs):


Relatively rockin' shoes...(if nothing else they are fun to look at).

This was done using acetone (to remove the gloss from the shoe), acrylic paint and lots of time (as the coats have to dry between). They are currently drying. Then I will coat them with a spray sealant (to return the glossy patent leather look, as well as prevent the paint from just flaking off).

Here's hoping she'll love them!

Carrot cupcakes

'Tis the season for cute bunny-related items. I was recently in charge of bringing the dessert for a shindig as well as expecting some company and decided to get my craft on and make them extra cute.

First, I had my daughter help me make yellow cake from scratch. This is relatively easy, (just look in your standard joy of cooking or other cookbook - mine was from a parish recipe book and turned out excellent and moist). She even was in charge of selecting the cupcake liners (after I had gone through the remainder of my boring ones) and chose some nice spring-y ones.

Following this I got out my almond bark and melted a bunch, added orange food coloring and make some carrots. Once those set, I pulled out the almond bark once again and added tops (but with green food coloring). Turned out pretty cute :)

After they were all set and had sat in the freezer until I was sure I could handle them, I frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Then I pushed the carrots in place and added a few mini-robin's eggs to make it really fun.

Tada! Easter themed cupcakes. Done!


Project for the day: Painting Easter eggs

I know I had mentioned before that I was painting wooden easter eggs to have around the house as decorations. Today, I let my daughter paint one too. This was slightly nerve wracking for me because I let her use the Martha Stewart craft paints. These paints can be used on any surface, which means they're a little less likely to wash out of things...but she did a wonderful job. She managed to only get a little bit on the sleeve of the old shirt of my husbands I put her in, but otherwise she did a great job keeping all the paint on the egg.

She also, was quite proud of her finished egg. It is incredibly colorful, including every color we had and lots of blending...so there's a bit of muddy colors on it, but mostly lots of bright color. Because she's 2, it was applied a bit thick, which will probably be dry about the same time as Van Gogh's thickest works.

Couldn't really beat the enjoyment in making it though :)


Craft project: gift wrap

 A few days ago we welcomed a new cat into our family. He had been rescued after a rather harrowing experience and he really is the sweetest of cats.

When we went to finalize the paper work we brought our friend, who had introduced us to our new family member a little treat.

Those are shortbread cookies dipped in white and milk chocolate and wrapped in cellophane. Don't they look cute? I had intended to make her some cookies, but ran out of time, so instead used store-bought shortbread. I did, however, do the dipping :)

I love how the gift wrap turned out.