Just in time for Easter: Finished wooden Eggs

I said I would post a picture of when I had finished all the wooden eggs. I did 6 of them myself. My two year old daughter did 3 and my husband did 1.

Here they are!

This was actually a great craft for my daughter to take part in. She loves painting, and had enough patience for one egg at a time.

She did two eggs in the crayola washable watercolor paints and they turned out lovely as well. The rest are done in the Martha Stewart craft paint. (which if you haven't noticed, I love).

The only issue we've had with them is when people visit my daughter will run over to them with the eggs and the guests have slightly freaked out because they don't want to break them, not realizing they are wooden...but really...that's a compliment :)

Hope you have a lovely Easter all in case I don't craft before then :)

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