Goal for the Day: Finish stuffed elephant and sun hat

I am slightly crazy for sewing right now apparently. I went to the fabric store and had to spend $20 to use a coupon I had...so I hit the clearance rack and low and behold I now have 6 or so sewing projects...

But, I want to put up and update on the stuffy for my friend's new son. Here he is. Isn't he adorable. He may end up with a bow, but I'm not sure.

We shall see what I decide as the day goes on.

Now for this other project I mentioned. I found an adorable fabric (an eyelet one) that I just had to make into a sun hat for Juliette. I found a pattern here and I am in the process of creating that one. It's a pretty straight forward pattern, so I hope it turns out the way it looks on that site! I'm almost done with it so I imagine it will be posted either tonight or tomorrow!

Go me! I am being so productive!

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