Goal for the Day: Post pictures of finished projects

So the elephant got a bow. It looks all the cuter and finished now. It shall be mailed very soon. I am hoping the little boy will enjoy him, but I'm sure his mom will get a kick out of it.

I had also mentioned that I was going to make a sun hat for Jules. I finished that last night and it turned out really cute. I was hoping it would fit my daughter until she was 1 (in August), but it appears it will be a spring to early summer hat (so I will just have to make one slightly bigger for the next time around). I do love the eyelet fabrics and how springy they can be. I hope Jules likes it as much as I do!

Again, you can get the pattern for this hat here if you like it. It is pretty easy to follow the directions for this one, so if you make it, I hope it turns out great for you too (I think the reason mine is slightly smaller than I expected is because I scaled the pattern to fit in the printable area of my printer (which shrinks it a little bit), but it would be really simple to scale it up or down as needed.

 My next project may be a caftan for me, but I broke my sewing needle yesterday, so I must go and get a replacement (I finished the hat with a heavy weight needle and that just won't work on a breezy thin fabric).

Or, I will finally get around to painting the wedding gift for my brother and his wife (of two years now...). I took the pictures at their wedding so I was given a reprieve from a gift, but I had done paintings for every one of my siblings as wedding gifts (I have 9 siblings, 6 are married), so I just want to do that. I shall be painting orchids for them (his wife loves them and has photos of them framed everywhere). I am thinking I will do watercolor for these and they will be realistic. I have done other types of paintings for my other siblings, some oil, some acrylic, so realism, some not. Here is an example of one I did last year for one of my other brothers and his wife (they wanted something abstract). We'll see what I start to do. Right now it's too beautiful outside to not take advantage of the lovely weather, so off I go!

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Kristine said...

That bonnet really is adorable!! Good work.