Goal for the Day: Post pictures of Caftan

I caved. I decided to go ahead with a caftan (after I drew out the outlines for the painting and mended all the clothes that were in my pile of sewing). I only had a limited amount of this fabric (1 yard, well actually less because I need to have a chat with my fabric store about cutting full yards instead of uneven partial ones). so it is a short one. I'm not sure how I feel about the fit, but I think a long summery one might be better on the top if it doesn't have sleeves. Perhaps? It is done and was a huge challenge (note to self- no more chiffon fabric for sewing- it's tricky!)

I do like the pattern on the fabric- it has little coral and while flowers in stripes (vertically to make me look taller) amd I really like how the neck turned out. I will have to wear a tank top under it, because, well, I'm sure you can see :)

I think I will stray from the caftan concept for the long garment as I really do have a nice narrow part of me above the remains of my tummy, so I will come up with a lovely pattern for that...I hope.

As I mentioned I have drawn the outline for the painting, so that will probably be the next project...but who really knows when it comes to crafts. I may have to hit up a DIY project on the front stairs...They are cracked so yipee (this is a slightly sarcastic yipee- I wish the stairs were fine and I could let them be)! Time to fix something!

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