Life. It is a changin' and coincidently so is this blog

I have never been much for writing. I use the online dictionary daily to determine spelling and the exact right word for what I want to say.
       (Did you know there is no true antonym for procrastinator? I assume this is
       because the procrastinator thought up the term while avoiding other things
       and therefore the antonym was never created because the proactive
       individual was too busy doing everything they were supposed to ahead of
       schedule to come up with a word) I digress.

I also do not consider myself an expert about anything in general, with the exception of my own existence. So, I have been avoiding the whole blog creation, because everyone has one for their major milestones (baby, wedding, random talent, etc.) and I did not feel I was qualified to add to the knowledge of the masses as everything I will say, has more than likely been said before.
       (You've all heard about the infinite number of typewriters and infinite number
       of monkeys argument for Hamlet, so it would stand to reason the said
       monkeys typed exactly what I have said here or will ever say, well before
       anything of Shakespeare's (rightfully so)

So why, you ask, would I willingly (and without so much as a request from others) decide to reformat my blog (which I had created purely as an online portfolio ages ago)? Well, it is simply this. I need to motivate myself to continue doing my hobbies and such and if I can go to a place and look at all the "cool" items I, myself have made I am more likely to find time to create more. I have found my memory to be a bit more slippery than it once was (I attribute this partially to the information overload that is the internet and being a fairly new mom (my daughter is 7 months old)) so I do like the journal aspect that a blog provides and I am hoping I can do a goal for the day or week or month or whatever seems most reasonable. I have in the past, been overambitious with projects and especially syllabi's requirements (I always got slightly stressed when I saw a syllabus because it made me want to get it done NOW), so I will also try to pace myself. 

So here I am, at the beginning of a project, that potentially will assist me to continue other projects (that sounds fairly complicated, does that make it deep?...). Here's hoping for the time to complete it all!

I can't begin a project like this without mentioning where I was and where I am/intend to go:
I am a late twenty-something SAHWM (Stay-at-home-working mom). Yes, that is a new spin on an old term. I work from home as a graphic designer (print is 97% of my work, so I am hoping you will be gentle on your criticism of my lack of amazing web design) while watching my daughter full time. This has created some REALLY unique working hours as I try my best (which is all one can ever do) to be fully invested in each role I am in at the time, so that means all other items take a back seat. My house is not spotless, my yard is in desperate need of a manicure (or heck even a good trim job before spring springs), I haven't watched TV in years (I do however enjoy a few choice shows via streaming occasionally), and dinner often is a last minute thing and often cooked by my amazing husband. I admit it, I am not the master of my domain, but here's hoping I will improve and become more efficient in all tasks and not just my fun ones.

GOAL for Today: Cook Dinner before Elliot (said husband) arrives home from work.

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