Goal for the Day: Take Pictures of Housewarming Quilt and new project!

So I did the binding yesterday of the housewarming quilt so it is done! This may be one of my favorites I have made. I absolutely love the colors and wish I had got enough of the materials to make 2 more ((one for me...though it doesn't go with anything in my house) and one for my best friend. These were her wedding colors and she would totally adore it. Perhaps I will wait for another fabric sale and then I will whip it up for a really nice gift later, just because).

Once again, my model demonstrates how great quilts are.
This quilt is going to a dear friend of mine who I was cube neighbors with at a former job and she recently got a new apartment and decorated her living room in pinks and blacks. It looks stellar and I wanted to add to it. I had made her some cloth napkins and napkin rings (though I didn't take pictures...my bad) for her housewarming party, but when we were there I was overcome by the desire to provide Rocky (her incredibly sweet cat) a warm place to snuggle with his owner while he wowed her with his impressive movie knowledge.

So, now that that is all wrapped up and ready to go to the new owner...on to the next project.

I have a former co-worker and friend from college who just had a little boy. I think I will try my hand at a stuffed animal for him. I don't know what I will be making yet, I have done crocheted animals that are pretty cute, but I'm not sure if I will do one of those or something sewn...we'll see what I turn out :)

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Angela Smith said...

Mine! All mine! I love this quilt soo much, my talented friend.