Goal for the Day: Cook Dinner before Elliot got home

Well. It was a partial win for the goal.

I managed to feed my daughter, and start dinner. Oh, what a dinner. I had grandiose plans. Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, broccoli, tomato, garlic and mushrooms. I had everything simmering and the noodles ready to go in the water, when I got the call.... It was Elliot and he was calling to remind me that he had a writer's meeting that night and would be swinging by to pick up the story he was reviewing and leaving.

So. Dinner was made and ready for me to have a fancy (rather romantic, if I do say so) dinner all to myself. Does that count as a win? I mean it would have been done and on the table for both of us if he hadn't had someplace to go. Do I dare try it again tomorrow...two days in a row after over 7 months of not having dinner ready when he arrived... he may think I did something wrong (like I accused him of that time he brought me home flowers).

PS- If you want to get flowers, DON'T be accusative and ask, "What'd you do wrong?" When presented with them. It eliminated all chances of said event happening again.

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