Goal for the day: Finish getting baby quilt ready to send

So I have been away for a little while, but I did manage to keep on one of my goals (I promise to be better about posting before I complete, or better yet start a goal). I had started a baby quilt for a friend's to-be-born baby. They don't know the gender, so they have gone with fairly neutral colors of orange, lime green, yellow, plum, raspberry red and bright blue.
finished quilt. so colorful!
Background on this project. Elliot (my hubby, in case I haven't mentioned his name before) and I went to the same college together for 2 semesters (he was a freshman for the end of my Sophomore and beginning of my Junior years), which is where we met and fell for each other. He then left that college, moved and proposed to me (I'm sure I will cover the whole love story of us at some point piece by piece- oh the suspense :) ). Before his exit from that college, he had made some really close friends and brought me into their circle. The parent's of the baby recipient of this quilt were both from that group, so I consider that they were both our friends. They were the first (after us) of our friends to get married and the first (after us) to have a baby, so I am really excited they are joining us as parents because it really shakes up your social life. So it was nice having someone else in the same boat...however, they live in the state we went to college in, and we have moved to another, so we don't get to see them often, but their baby will have a quilt :)

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Elliot said...

It' a fantastic quilt dear! I'm excited for them to be parents and for us to go up and visit them!