Friend Thanksgiving- sorry for the delay

 Here I promised you could see what I did with the friend thanksgiving table, and then I withhold- so sorry! So here's the table- please note- I don't have overhead lights and with 16 people I was a bit concerned about having enough candles on the table to cover the "I want to see my food" urge that people get...crazy people. So my hubby solved the problem by hanging some LED twinkle icicle lights. Tada! This gave more of a blue glow than I was hoping, but it still worked. I did use a few lanterns on the table as well for some additional ambiance. (Please note- that burgundy wall will be replaced someday with a real wall- you see it's just the block painted- so I didn't do anything crazy to the walls here.

 Here is a view showing what our guests saw- ah the fun of it all.
Amazingly I have enough place setting and burgundy napkins for 16 so we had a pretty easy table setting.
See everyone having a lovely time :)

And just for good measure- here's a picture of my daughter looking far too grown-up. She is actually wearing items I wore as a kid, but she just looked too cute walking around for me not to post a picture of her happy little self as she got ready to enjoy her first thanksgiving meal (this is her second thanksgiving, but the first one where she got to enjoy the solid foods).

Now, to explain my absence- you see I just realized I have a lot of gifts I am working on and I have no idea which of my friends will read the blog and I certainly don't want to spoil any surprises, so I am hesitant to post gift pictures pre-Christmas. So I have decided to only post pictures of items that are not gifts or that I am sure the individual has no chance of seeing. I have something brewing and certainly want to show you my lovely tree, but I had to post about thanksgiving first. (By the way- it was a huge success again and no one left crying (not even the babies in attendance)!

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