A new picture take 3!

Because I'm crazy (as I know the question - 'Another new picture for that spot, but why?' is running through your head).

I couldn't leave well enough alone once again. I could have been perfectly content with the roses I had replaced the original (not bold enough painting) with, but it also occurred to me that I love photography that Elliot and I have taken. We had some stellar prints from my golden birthday trip (a hike in Tennessee's Smokey Mountain State Park). So I found my favorite (which Elliot informs me is his handiwork) and got a new frame so it would have some glass. So here it is. A lovely print of the picture (I had it printed on a metallic paper so the tree edges and the sun flair really glows) framed and finally some artwork big enough to catch the eye from across the room. Tada!

You may be wondering if the roses were then relegated to a back closet or something. No. I really do like them and decided it was time to place something more eye-catching at the bottom of the stairs- which gives the roses the much needed closer look they deserve to determine that the three roses are indeed hand-drawn and using different techniques as well. It's probably a more fitting place for that sort of picture anyway. So they have found a permanent spot (i think ;) ).

This evening I shall be cleaning and trying to figure out how to set the 'friend thanksgiving' table and all that good stuff so perhaps you will get to see what I come up with if it is picture worthy :) If not, you may still get to see. I'm slightly nervous you see because it is 16 people...and it will require some ingenuity to accommodate a group that size :) I mean it doesn't really matter all that much though- these are friends who will love whatever- but I still want it to look nice of course.

So next on the list I guess are the Christmas gifts I will be making for this year. I know I have to make one from my niece (as tradition requires) and then I may *try* to get a few items started for my friends and give them whatever portion is done by that point (and then take them back to finish). I've never given a non-completed gift, but there's a first for everything.

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