Why can't we have a fort?

Have you ever, just for the fun of it, made a blanket fort? If you haven't do it as soon as possible. It's way too fun to put off. My husband and I were sitting around playing with our daughter and we determined she loved crawling under the blanket with us when we played peekaboo, and had a ton of fun when the whole family sat in the floor under the blanket so we wanted to make her a REAL fort. We made one this last weekend with the help of a few friends, a bunch of sheets and blankets, a lot a twine, a tall easel, a couple boxes of binder clips and one screw. In addition, I think there were perhaps 20 or so pillows involved. We started in the corner of the basement room with the pole as one anchor, the pin on the hinge of a door as another anchor. The third anchor we attempted as a command stripe and hook, but the weight of the blankets was just too much for it, so we decided to go for one screw in the wall to make sure it didn't fall. The ceiling was attached to command strips and did just fine that way.
This tent fort is huge, it has all our seating in it, a coffee table for playing games or having a picnic on, our TV and entertainment center (so it feels a bit like a really cramped movie theater) and piles of pillows for our daughter to jump in  (see her having fun there). It had a tunnel entrance and a separate 'crow's nest' in the corner too. We have played in it every day since it went up, but it has to come down for a party this weekend so, it's been fun (we decided to leave the screw in case we needed it back soon:) ).
Have you done anything silly and fun lately? If not, I highly recommend it.

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