Projects for fun/freelance and an update.

I've been rather productive the last few weeks in all areas that have been more or less volunteer.
I have completed an awesome bridal shower invite (turns out I managed to work in the bride's favorite pattern- so that was great), a blog's logo and word mark in addition to their header (check it out), a wedding invite set (for a different bride), and a logo for a friends of a library group. I love doing projects that allow me to flex my creative muscles (in addition to my normal job- since I am a designer in that capacity as well).

It's been nice being able to do these creative projects that are a bit more fun as I have a little more personal options on them so that's been nice especially to get my mind off of our financial goals.

We had a bit of a setback with our financial goal in that our water heater died. Talk about frustrating. 15 days into the new year and we had to shell out a little under $1000 so we could replace our water heater (the old one was leaking, and frankly...I like at least warm showers). If you remove that from the equation (as the broken car ended up being a faulty item that got replaced easily) we've been doing wonderfully- Only have spent $71 on every none-billed item (including food- which is less than $40 of that). If we keep this up we will be right on track for doing well with our pay-off goals. Go us!

Now if the house/car and other emergency fixes would just play along we might just be able make a good show of it for 2012. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I can't decide if I want to divulge the entire debt payment process or if I even want to admit to the world what I owe on things. So I'll get back to you if I decide to share.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the little projects and creativity.

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