September has been a whirlwind- Project 3- The glass front cabinet

I have big plans for painting some large furniture in my house because 1) they were free items that have seen better days (where the stain/finish is ruined (hence people got rid of them in the first place), 2) and the woodwork underneath needs patching (which doesn't work with staining, staining wood putty never looks good) so they are getting paint. I had two pieces in my front room that were going to undergo the treatment. The first was a glass front cabinet on which I kept my stereo. This piece had to be fixed first because it had a safety hazard- plate glass panels. This, of course meant my 1 year old thought this was the perfect thing to hit (and because I am a mom, who is sworn to protect her, my first reaction to the hitting was a look of terror, which must have been hilarious to my daughter...so the doors had to go get replaced with tempered glass (this is the stuff used in car windows that brakes into tiny squares instead of razor sharp shards). With the doors off it was time to finally refinish this lovely. (see it above on the left in all it's displaying glory, and on the right with the doors gone and all the goodies removed).
The top of this cabinet had at one time seen some serious water damage and the sides already had some significant wood putty corrections so we sanded it down, and painted it a lovely Satin Black (rustoleum oil-based paint) which looks great! We even realized this cabinet is the perfect size to fit under our bar in the dining room (when we removed the odd feet that didn't match the cabinet anyway) to free up some space in the sitting room for toys and other such items as well as allow for some childproof arranging (we have an open staircase that a couch was against, with my daughter now climbing furniture- that won't fly). Here is the cabinet in it's new home in it's new color. I really think it looks elegant now and when my daughter hits the glass doors I have one less thing to worry about. Ah, sweet refinishing! Pretty good for a first attempt I think.

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