September has been a whirlwind- Project 2- The Front Door

 In my effort to update my house I finally got around to painting the front door.
First, some background though. When we bought our house it has an interior door (aka hollow) door in the place where the front door should have been, so it was high up on our list of "to replace" and because it is ever so slightly wider than standard (ugh), we had to get a custom door. We selected this gorgeous pre-primed solid steal door that made the living room significantly warmer almost immediately. I love this door and the Charles Renning Macintosh-esque window at the top, but I had never painted it (we got the door in 2005) because I was scared to screw up this beauty.
So now, that I feel ever so much more confident with a house painting brush, and I wanted to update my world as it were, the door was on the list.

We had selected this gorgeous green paint called Mother Nature at Home Depot to paint a china cabinet that I desperately want to update in my sitting room that is also my entry foyer and it was a free piece of furniture that has been, shall we say, loved a bit too much and has some missing pieces in the molding and such that makes it a slight eye-sore to me (having stared at it every day while working at the dining room table probably didn't do it any favors). I already had the paint and realized it would match the stonework outside the front door beautifully. Since it was pre-primed the only thing stopping me was the actual painting so one Saturday morning when I put my daughter down for a nap, I got out the paint and an artist brush (and painted around the window and door knobs and therefore had to finish it. I think it turned out gorgeous and is ever so much more welcoming.
I will have to post a picture of it with my fall wreath on it (yes, I made all my wreaths (actually the one on the white door is my wedding boutique re-purposed). So now all I need to do is fix the cracking concrete issue in front to make it look stellar, but I will settle for a lovely door to start out.
Don't you love the green!

Update: Here it is with the fall wreath!

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