Projects I've completed for Presents - 3

After the doll dresses were done I set about doing a more complicated project.

I was doing a themed b-day present! This one revolved around some lovely floating candy corn candles I had gotten for my sister-in-law. Since the little candles were mostly just cute I decided to add some actual candy corn, and once I had done that. I needed to make a candy corn table runner! (Her birthday being in October, it seemed appropriate).

 First I sewed together strips of orange, yellow and white fabric and then cut out a bunch of "candy corn" shapes. made from a template I made for the correct height. Then I sewed them the pieces of black fabric cut at the same angle as the edge of the candy corn. Once that was completed I added trim to each side to make the candy corn surrounded. Then I worked on the back. I took a fun striped/polka dotted fabric and quilt batting onto which I sewed a spiders web. (If you know me personally, you are aware of my intense, paralyzing fear of spiders) so this was really a challenge. I did this spider web in Silver thread so it stood out (sadly it's a bit hard to see in the pictures. I intended to sew spiders on there too. But it freaked me out...

I then attached the two strips of candy corn to another 'beetlejuice-esque' fabric to make the front the same size as the back. Then I sewed right sides together and turned the whole thing inside out (Using a chop stick to push the corners out). Then I sewed along the edge of the two to close up the hole I had left for turning the runner inside out.

And it was done! To the right there is the front and the back. It turned out cute and made the themed gift extra nice.

Hopefully when you zoom in you can see the spider web. It actually is pretty fun looking.

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