It's been forever- Sorry!

I know, I know. I haven't posted in ages! It appears I haven't done any crafting since March...well that isn't strictly true...but overall I haven't done a whole lot...

I've mostly been focusing my efforts on my sister's wedding. I made the jewelry for the bridesmaids, painted her a picture for her shower gift (I thought better to send a painting than the items I bought for a shower gift, all of which are various breakable materials and heavy), and then I have managed to be rather busy with additional work/efforts around the area that are not quite exciting enough to blog about.

But enough with this talk- I'm sure you want to SEE what I've been up to:

Here is the jewelry:

 First portion I made was the earrings. These are standard pearl beads- nothing too fancy and actually off of an old necklace that had several different sizes (the color is a bit deceiving they are a little more champagne than the standard pearl. The flowers were purchased on Etsy (because- trust me- these are not easy to make...I tried, but mine looked like I made them...these don't). The colors for the wedding are champagne, silver and plum. The bridesmaids are wearing plum dresses with some detail towards the necks so it was decided the simpler the jewelry the better. Below is a close up of the earrings. Again, very simple. There are 5 bridesmaids (including a junior bridesmaid) so I made 4 sets just like the one shown and 1 with a medium sized pearl for the necklace and small stud earrings (as the junior bridesmaid just had her ears pierced :) )

They should look lovely and understated with the flowers in the hair and bouquets.

Then, just for fun...I made a few gifts for various individuals...but you have to wait until after the wedding to see them - sorry :)

Here is the painting:
My sister has a very romantic style and has sayings all over her walls when I was there, she also loves working with kids- so I decided to paint her a very colorful and fun painting that would go with her style.

Here's what I came up with:

I'm sure you've all seen those paintings that use crayons melted on them...similar concept here. I originally had only purples and blues as the "rain" but it looked too depressing so in came the yellow, green, red and lilac. I also originally had white silhouettes, but that looked odd, so they became classic black. The details on the silhouettes are actually my sister and her fiance from one of their engagement photos, but "changed" into what they will be wearing at their wedding. The saying on it says "Being Soaked Alone is Cold. Being Soaked with your Best Friend is an Adventure." I was originally going to make the saying much bigger, but then decided there was so much going on in the painting that I should keep it small. 

It's not something I think I would hang on my walls because the saying is a bit sweet for me, but the bride loved it! So I was pleased. 

Remarkably that is all I can think of that I have worked on these last two months! It's amazing how time seems to both creep and speed forward isn't it?

Once the wedding's over, life will be a bit more calm around here...then I shall see about making some more items...or preparing for my daughter's second birthday in August...it'll be here before I'm ready I'm sure!

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