Project of the day: Flower Girl Dress

So I managed to get the flower girl dress for my daughter completed last night! Here is the before (as I once again forgot to take a picture of the before I found it online...sadly no picture of it without the sweater on- but you get the idea).

It is a pretty cute little dress and is a nice ivory color so will look lovely with all the other dresses. Here is what I did. With the wider plum-colored organza ribbon I had purchased I pinned three layers of the ribbon over the belt (I needed three layers to make the ribbon opaque and look plum because I was unable to locate the ribbon in the same color that was not transparent). I then hand-stitched down the middle of the ribbon and around the button holes (the belt is buttoned in the back and there is no bow). Then I added 1 rose and several hyacinth flowers with ivory pearls to hold them on to the belt and the sweater to give it some more character. The weddings in the spring North of home so it may be sweater weather.

Here's how it looks now:

I think it'll look so darn cute with that head-wreath! Can check that off my list now :)

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