Goal for the Day: Finally do another Craft/Painting

You all know I haven't been here in forever- actually before easter (which was back in April) and now it is June 1st! Well, what can I say- I'm a mom and got stuff to do that involves various non-mom faculties as well.
But here, I am, who knows how long my stay will be this time :D

So, I'm sure I have mentioned it before- I have done paintings for all my siblings. All except my second oldest brother. Actually, to be honest I haven't done a painting for him at all.

So, after much time (and procrastination on my part) I finally broke out the paints. First, a textured spray paint to redo a nice wood frame into something more modern -it is charcoal gray with silver specks. Then I painted a watercolor painting of the orchids (surprisingly quickly considering it has been, oh, 7 years or so since I painted on canvas (all others have been fabric)). and Tada! A painting is done. Still have to do the finished framing, but that's what it will look like (when the frame is on :))

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