House updates: bedroom closet re-org

Background quick:

We moved to a new house 1 year ago. 

Turns out we have a type when it comes to houses which I think can most likely be called: Mid-century ranch needing love:)

The layout of the new place is remarkably similar to our old house, so with the exception of a staircase that is enclosed, an extra bedroom and the bathroom shifted over I could probably walk through this house in the dark without running into anything about a week into moving in. 

That being said, with the extra bedroom we lost space in our bedroom (which wasn't a deal breaker for us since we don't spend a great deal of time in there), but it means our large furniture makes the room feel really small. It also doesn't help that the closet, though not awful, isn't very efficiently laid out and also smaller than our old one. 

As this one does not have 6 feet hidden behind a wall like our old closet before we cleaned it up there isn't really a reason to knock down walls (disappointing, I know ;) )  But what it DID have was wasted space up high. I'll never understand why closets hang the bar at eye level and not the clothes (I really don't need to look at my hangers either). In addition to that closet we also had these: 
(You're being a wonderful reader and ignoring all the stuff sitting on top right?) Stuffed full of clothes and yes, that's the foot of my bed in the corner of the picture. 

So first, we pulled EVERYTHING out, did some major purging of what we hadn't worn (at all, worn once, or haven't worn for the last 10 years, and duplicates. I really didn't need 60 (!?!) t-shirts. Then, I had to go through stuff I had emotional attachment to - had no idea I had this problem until I didn't want to get rid of a shirt that hadn't fit since before I had kids...but I wore it on our honeymoon...a few of these I was able to let go and a few went in a box with part of my wedding dress and some formals that I just couldn't give up and went under the bed for tackling later. 

Then off we went to IKEA. We got two hat racks and 1 short double wide dresser. 

We went with the hat racks because you get additional storage in the back for those rarely worn items, belts, scarves or purses this saved us a ton of front closet space.

Now our closet looks like this:

So much cleaner! Now all I need to do is figure out where to put shoes... ;)

Have a lovely evening.

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