Project for the day: Painting Easter eggs

I know I had mentioned before that I was painting wooden easter eggs to have around the house as decorations. Today, I let my daughter paint one too. This was slightly nerve wracking for me because I let her use the Martha Stewart craft paints. These paints can be used on any surface, which means they're a little less likely to wash out of things...but she did a wonderful job. She managed to only get a little bit on the sleeve of the old shirt of my husbands I put her in, but otherwise she did a great job keeping all the paint on the egg.

She also, was quite proud of her finished egg. It is incredibly colorful, including every color we had and lots of blending...so there's a bit of muddy colors on it, but mostly lots of bright color. Because she's 2, it was applied a bit thick, which will probably be dry about the same time as Van Gogh's thickest works.

Couldn't really beat the enjoyment in making it though :)

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