Craft-it forward: Rock-a-billy shoes

If you have been on Facebook in the last few months you probably have seen at least one instance of the "Pay it forward - craft for the year" thing. This was a fun little project to offer 5 people the opportunity to get a crafted item from you. In return they have to offer the same deal to their facebook friends.

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and I have officially almost finished my first one. I have a friend who really likes retro/rockabilly styles so I decided what better item to send than a crafted forward retro looking item. I also noticed that she had quite a few leopard-print and red shoes pinned on her pinterest boards. So that was the goal.

I got her dress size and shoe sizes (so I could find at least stuff that would work for her, if I found what I wanted). I turned these scuffed up thrift store shoes (this is post acetone scrub and a touch up with some black paint to fill in holes in the scuffs):


Relatively rockin' shoes...(if nothing else they are fun to look at).

This was done using acetone (to remove the gloss from the shoe), acrylic paint and lots of time (as the coats have to dry between). They are currently drying. Then I will coat them with a spray sealant (to return the glossy patent leather look, as well as prevent the paint from just flaking off).

Here's hoping she'll love them!

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Elliot said...

Hey! That's me in the background painting my Trog Dor egg! ME!