Carrot cupcakes

'Tis the season for cute bunny-related items. I was recently in charge of bringing the dessert for a shindig as well as expecting some company and decided to get my craft on and make them extra cute.

First, I had my daughter help me make yellow cake from scratch. This is relatively easy, (just look in your standard joy of cooking or other cookbook - mine was from a parish recipe book and turned out excellent and moist). She even was in charge of selecting the cupcake liners (after I had gone through the remainder of my boring ones) and chose some nice spring-y ones.

Following this I got out my almond bark and melted a bunch, added orange food coloring and make some carrots. Once those set, I pulled out the almond bark once again and added tops (but with green food coloring). Turned out pretty cute :)

After they were all set and had sat in the freezer until I was sure I could handle them, I frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Then I pushed the carrots in place and added a few mini-robin's eggs to make it really fun.

Tada! Easter themed cupcakes. Done!

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