Project for the day: Painted Easter Eggs

I'm a sucker for cute little decor items. Especially of the seasonal variety. (If I had to guess why, I would say it would stem from the lack of seasonal items I had growing up...but I don't know where we would have put the stuff as there were 12 of us.) I've never been a fan of a lot of knick knacks - probably because it just something else you have to clean, but seasonal decor never feels that way to me.

I've also always been a fan of the intricately decorated Easter eggs I've seen in fancy shops, but I've never purchased them because:

1) I can't afford to spend that much on 1 decoration used for a few weeks at most
2) They are very fragile and breakable and I get nervous with that sort of thing
3) I like the personal pride in having created decorations myself.

My little girl and I were on the hunt looking for the perfect egg shaped items so we could paint them ourselves when I found bags of wooden hen's eggs at Joann Fabric. This was perfect. They aren't breakable. They can be easily painted and they aren't super expensive (especially if you get the coupon flyers). So I got 10 eggs for just over $5. I'm sure you can probably find them online as well.

I was contemplating painting them all a bunch of base colors and then drawing designs on them, but I decided that unless I had the background colors pre-mixed I shouldn't do that as I wouldn't be easily able to fix a mistake...so I drew designs on them with a pencil first. Then I filled them in. (This was tough to focus the camera on without an extra hand, so excuse the tissue box holding the egg). This one is a rose design.

That one is mine (if you couldn't guess), but I also let my daughter draw on a few as well. She did lots of swirls - which I think might make a fun, stained glass like look where I paint each closed section a different color or tone. We'll see what she decides when I get that far.

To paint these, I am using the Martha Stewart craft paint. It works wonderfully on the wooden surface and dries quite rapidly, so I had minimal issues with trying to hold an egg with wet paint. I painted one color at a time on the eggs so I wouldn't mistakenly hold a wet color while painting another as well.

I have thus far (mostly) finished three eggs. You can see the rose one, that is the drawing above, a geometric design that is similar to some candle holders I have. and a cute little bunny (similar in style to the Beatrix Potter characters). This is the one one that isn't completely finished. I discovered I don't own any brown craft paint, and I wanted to make the bunny a lovely light brown, but I'm not really a fan of any of the complimentary color mixed versions as they all appear too muddy... So I will be going out to buy some brown paint so I'll be able to finish that one.

If you have been really observant you'll see I have quite a few to go on this too... I have 7 more eggs that don't have anything on them as of yet, so I'll post the whole bunch as I finish them up.

Have a great day!

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