Project for the Day: Convert the closet

Good evening all!

I've been busily trying to organize my life a bit more, so that I can actually find items with relative ease.

Enter the front closet make-over!

I discovered I was having issues fitting everything in the front closet, which of course makes sense as I also kept all my shoes there....

So I decided to tackle a re-do inspired by, of course, pinterest.

 First I started pulling everything out...(sadly this is after about half the re-usable grocery bags, two mops, a broom, rain boots, one pair of roller blades, a drum stick case, and roller blade pads had been removed from the floor and 5 coats (yes, 5)). As you can see we used both the front and the back of the closet door to store stuff, and had additional stuff piled as high as possible inside.

Following the removal of everything inside, I got rid of the hanging shoe bags (opting for wooden ones that stick close to the ground). I then removed the rod from the center of the closet, repainted the area where it had been removed from, and installed double hooks all the way around, including one at my daughter's height for her coats, hats and scarf.

Then, I installed some command hooks inside to hold roller blade pads and such off the floor. Following this, I went through everything and removed all re-usable grocery bags that were torn or had the handles falling off, one bin of old make-up, a few former files and forms that I never ended up needing, and moved the mops out to the hanging storage in the garage (as I don't use them daily or even weekly).

Then I went through the coats and put the ones that we had kept purely for sentimental reasons like HS letterman jackets away for safe keeping and reduced the massive numbers a bit.

Everything including the bags and purses from the front door fit inside, and my daughter has a spot she can reach for her items, so all is much nicer. Also, my husband's shoes were able to be cleaned up using one of my old shoe hanging bags.

Ah! So much better!

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