Mini tarts: Snow day treat!

Last week, my husband got a surprise half snow day due to the crummy weather, but that meant we got to have fun while he was home.

So we decided to make little fruit pie/tarts.

This is an easy and fast snack...mostly because it's refrigerator pie crust, and canned pie filling.

My daughter helped by selecting the cookie cutters we used for the pies (she wanted a dinosaur - which was super cute) and then we did circles for all the rest.

First, you cut out an even number of all pieces. (so we had two dinosaurs, and 10 circles out of one pie crust). Then you spray the tray or stone with non-stick spray, put down one half of the pieces and spread with melted butter. You then put in a small amount of pie filling (for the circles we could do 4 cherries, the dinosaur could fit two cherries). Then the other half of the pie crusts are put on top, crimping the top and bottom pieces together to make little enclosed tarts.

Then you cook according to the pie crust directions...but not quite as long. We did well with about 10 minutes, but we started watching them after a few minutes since they are significantly smaller than a full sized pie. It still smells wonderful as you cook it, so that was an added bonus.

We had decided to eat our pie/tarts with ice cream while still warm which was fabulous! My little girl was thrilled to have her dino-tart :)

Hope you find your snacks as wonderful as she does :)

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