Project for the Day: An updated jewelry box

Do you happen to have any treasures from your childhood you just can't bear to part with and hope to hand down to your child? I have one that I have treasures for as long as I can remember. I think I got it when I was 6 or 7, but I know I got it from an older cousin who I admired. We were visiting her family in Seattle for her sister's wedding and I was a candy girl (I handed out little packets of candy at the reception - it was the first wedding I was in). My cousin gave me her jewelry box that she had as a child. It is a music one with the little ballerina that spins around and plays a cute little tune when you open the drawer.

The only part of this jewelry box that showed any sign of wear was the little ballerina. The paint that was on it was chipping pretty badly...and it was looking a little creepy anyway. I think the eyes were always a bit large on it. The rest was gold paint I think and frankly her back side was a bit revealing...

So it was time for an update. Here she is before her makeover.

I decided she needed a bit more clothes and while I was at it something a bit fancier. Also decided to fix the eyes...Only issue with that of course was I wasn't able to scratch off the blue eye color from before...So I started by painting over the whole dancer with white Martha Stewart craft paint. This paint is great as it will indeed work on anything.

After I had a base I painted a blue lacy looking leotard and new ballet shoes. Then I painted new brown hair and eyes, as well as some brows and the red lips. I then used a bit of gold paint to highlight the outfit and added hair decorations.

Then I painted a skin tone on the arms and face...I am glad I did it in this order as I was able to cover up any mistakes on the face by painting over. Worked great. Here she is, all dolled up. I decided to leave the legs white as I think they looked nice as tights. It also looked cute on the feet area to have the tights showing.

After she was completely dry, I put her back in her music box, but something was still missing...so I added a new little skirt made out of tulle and some twine.

See, isn't that an improvement?

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