New Year: New Goal

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are going to be blessed with the best year ever!

I must say, I am slightly pessimistic about the upcoming year...which is generally not like me, but I know what caused it, so that's half the battle right?

My husband and I had been commenting on Thursday the 27th how laid-back and low-key 2012 was (this was our first mistake- never discuss the previous year until it's over). We didn't have any huge personal milestones or big bills and were steadily plucking away at our financial goal of becoming debt free...then on the 28th, my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night gasping for air. This of course, resulted in a mini-panic attack, a visit from paramedics, trip to the ER, and some impressive steroids to control a very bad case of croup for my daughter! I am thrilled that she is ok and only has a mild cough and some congestion, but I am not looking forward to that bill. (Does it make me a bad mom that now that she is totally fine, I am annoyed that I will be getting a bill? I hope not.)

As you can imagine this won't help us get out of debt anytime soon...especially since one of the major reasons for a previous debt was health bills, so our goal has shifted slightly on that to just not spend anything we don't have to while we continue to chip away at the mountain of bills. This is a rather disappointing turn of events for me as I am a worrier and I can't start saving for that much longer. Obviously I can't do anything about it so, I shouldn't worry... SEE totally pessimistic! Must stop that.

So, as it is a new year I feel I should re-assess things and determine what I would do differently. Sure, I have the financial goal I am going to continue working on, and the always useful "get in shape" one everyone has. But the big one for me was focused on my daughter. She is a huge part of my daily life, but with me working at home I feel like her childhood may not be as fun as I would want. I want her to have a fun and enjoyable childhood that she can look back on with tons of fond memories (since I know mom working will be part of it, I want all the time I'm not working to be more fun for her). I have a feeling this goal stems from some deep-seated guilt, but oh well :)

So with this in mind, I started new years eve off right with a cute snack for her. See- isn't that adorable? I happened to come across some mini cookie cutters. She was thrilled.

Then on the first I managed to do a few things for her. One was converting her room from the baby one to a big girl room. She had long ago changed from the crib to a toddler bed, but now the changing pad is gone. In addition I reorganized the closet to store all her toys and converted an old TV stand we had into a shelf for her toys.

First I started with the old stand. I took off the casters, and legs on the bottom (as I don't want it to move and be sitting height). I added rubber pads to the bottom as I also don't want it to scratch the floor :)

Once that was done I fixed the middle center portions of the console so that I would have 8 equally sized areas. These actually are exactly the right size for sterilite bins for when she is older, but currently it works great to organize all the large toys that just didn't fit on the book shelf she used to have in the room.

I was originally planning on painting the outside white, but when I put it in the room, the pine wood blended nicely with the rest of the room to where it nearly looked built in, so I decided it wasn't necessary. I did however decide I will be painting the dresser in the near future. I wish it had come in chocolate or white (as I would have selected those when getting it, but I can fix that easily enough).

Because I removed a bookshelf there were several displaced books laying around. My little girl loves books and has to have at least 4 in her bed whenever she is in there. On many occasions we have peeked in on her in the middle of the night and she is sitting with her glow seahorse (similar to the old school glow worms) reading a book by it's light. I rather admire her dedication... anyway, since she doesn't have a changing table anymore her dresser was open on top, so that became a book storage area.

Well, my little girl has woken up from her afternoon nap so it's time to go play! Have a great day!

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