Having fun around the house

My little girl has been sick lately. I think I had mentioned our trip to the ER, but she had another bout with it this week. Having a sick kid, on the whole is no fun.

I have however really enjoyed the extra cuddles I get when she's feeling ill, but I look forward to her sleeping through the night again.

Today, we've been having fun at home and I just wanted to share two of my favorite pictures from the day.

 This first one was from our fort this morning under the table. Our cat, who is generally a bit skiddish around my little girl felt it was time to cuddle. It was a sweet moment to catch.

After we had finished with the fort and been playing for a while. She ended up putting on a pair of my heels and grabbing her winnie-the-pooh umbrella. This apparently was hilarious and she was in a fit of giggles over this. Ah, the joy!

Hope you are having an equally joyful day!

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