Another project for my daughter

So I had stated I did a bunch of organizing for my little girl yesterday. In addition to the new shelf, I also reorganized her closet so all her toy bins would fit and be easy for her to get to. So she has been having a blast today playing with everything (and putting it away...I know this will be short-lived, but I'm enjoying it while I can).

As a treat, we decided to paint our nails to match (I also know her wanting to match me will be short-lived as well :) ) She wanted ladybugs. I'm amazed at how well she can sit still while getting her nails done. It is unparalleled by any other activity. The ladybugs ended up looking pretty cute, so she was thrilled.

In other projects, I don't know if I've mentioned that my daughter asked Santa for paints. She was thrilled Christmas morning to received both paints and an easel from the big guy. She has been demonstrating her prowess for watercolors since then.

I was particularly fond of one of her paintings which she informed me was of a mommy, daddy, and {her name} flamingo standing in the water. It's fun and I can definitely see the flamingos in it (which is something for a 2 year old). I decided we needed to frame it. I already had an old frame with a torn mat. To fix the mat, I took some nice paper and recovered the top. Then I painted some extra color on the edge. This was a slight disaster.

First, I managed to cut the paper slightly too small. This was going to be covered by the paint so it was fixable. Then I used frog tape. This stuff is awesome if you are painting on walls...totally tore up the paper though so then I had to do patching. So it didn't look as wonderful as I would have hoped. Probably should have done normal painters tape or drafting tape instead, but Can't do anything about that now.

From further away than 2 feet you can't really tell that the paper has been patched, so it's ok (or at least good enough). Once that was done I taped the painting my daughter did to the back of the mat. As the painting is a standard easel pad size, and the mat is a standard frame size (and they aren't the same, I was lucky enough that the length of the fixed mat covered the very edge of the painting. So I had to tape it if I hoped to not have the edge move or show.

Then I stuck it back in the frame, fixed the edges and wha-la! A new masterpiece. My daughter was rather tickled that her painting was "on the wall like the art museum". Isn't it charming! It's so fun and colorful. I adore it. Now all I need to do is find a place to get custom glass for the front so it can stay perfect forever!

Hope you're finding time to craft in this New Year!

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