A little fun at home: Tea Party

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I was hoping to make my daughter's childhood more fun/memorable as I feel she doesn't get to be as carefree as I would like, since I work from home.

Today, I made a special treat for her while she napped. I set up a tiny tea party for the two of us.

This tea party entailed hot chocolate, shortbread cookies, and marshmallows in the sugar bowl. And yes, I did use real china for this party in combination with a real silver tray and the princess tea set sugar and cream set. She was very careful, so I think she did a wonderful job.

My daughter is also a great hostess. She was just tickled to assist me with pouring the "tea" and giving me "sugars". She also made sure I always had a cookie on my plate, so I can't complain about her taking good care of me :)

Hope you had a chance to have your own little indulgent party!

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