Project for the Day: Move the pampas Grass

I had started a garden along the side of our house ages ago. And then, on my wedding anniversary, I finished  a planting bed in front of the compost bin to plant tall perennials to hide the bin. Here it is way back in July with that wall finally finished (minus one block and a lot of dirt). We had a very dry summer, so it didn't really improve over the summer as I would have hoped as we had to stop watering at one point, but this is what it looked like then.

Well, it has been so warm here that I decided it was high time to move that pampas grass. It also doesn't hurt that our neighbor is getting ready to sell their house and I would very much like to ensure our property looks as good as possible for her.

Well, I did this project by myself, so I was pretty proud of me :) (but I have to give a shout out to my hubby as well. He completed the staining of the arbor swing set this past weekend as well as did all the chocolate covered pretzel rod (thanks for coming gifts) for my cookie exchange tomorrow! Thank you!) I decided to tackle it directly after I finished raking up all the leaves in the front yard and cleaning off the path to the backyard, so I must have been motivated.

We had a large area in the back yard that was, well, overgrown, with beautiful pampas grass. I really love the way it looks in the winter as it gives some dimension to an otherwise barren garden, and maintains it's crimson blades through the winter, which really makes the house look nice (while hiding the rather unattractive compost bin from the view of the street). For that reason I moved it without cutting off all the dead feathery portions. This made it incredibly ackward to move, but I'm hoping it will look stunning all winter and throughout the summer.

So there you go. (Who would have thought it would be warm in December!) But, I definitely am happy the grass is moved. Yay! I anticipate I will plant some monkey grass or some other short perennials in front to give the area a bit of depth, but we'll see what the spring brings.

Also, for added fun, I created a small fenced in leaf pile in the far corner of they yard (to make a bunch of extra top soil out of all the leaves I raked)as I would really like to try to do a mini veggie garden out there now that our neighbor's pine tree is gone, we actually have an area that gets a bit of sun. Adventures in gardening to come in the spring as well :)

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