Project for the Day: A little Christmas Craft

I have been working on a lot of different projects around my house these last few weeks...but you see. They are all presents!

I can't post presents until they are delivered to their recipient, so I'm trying to post all the stuff I do that's craft (or inventing additional crafty stuff) so I can tell you about it.

I just finished up a set of vintage Christmas tags for presents. There's something about vintage items at Christmas time that is so perfect. (But I admit, I lean towards vintage often). So I decided we needed some generic gift tags that didn't require a "from portion" but just a tag for our family member. I made 4 for each myself, my hubby and my daughter. And then of course, one for our cat, Amethyst.

I started by finding some free vintage Christmas images online and using photoshop to place them all on a sheet of paper (within the printer lines) at the appropriate tag size. You could probably do this step with word or any other photo layout program. I used that one as I made some changes to the label and removed lines and "to" and "from" if  they had them. I wanted to be able to write as big as possible the individual's name so I didn't need them. I then printed it on self adhesive label paper. I selected one that is pretty opaque as I intended to mount it on bright red paper, which I didn't want showing through.

I then got out my exact-o knife and trimmed each one out carefully. Some of them I left an border, others I trimmed right to the picture. I also wrote names on them as well with both a black pen and then a silvery-sparkly pen as well. On several, I also added some silver highlights to different areas to make it a bit more fancy than just a printed piece.

Next I mounted it to a beautiful bright red card stock (with glitter in it) that has a lovely slick surface. This is ideal, as I intend to reuse the labels every year and I don't want the back to be torn up every time I take it off a package. I would have just made a layer of packaging tape or the transparent scotch tape on the back to prevent that if I hadn't had this laying around the house. Once the label was on there, I trimmed the edges to give it an even border all the way around. I added some more silver detail to some of the labels on the red paper as well to make them a bit more festive.

And, there you have it. A completed label ready to put on a package.
And a whole set for the fun of it.

Happy wrapping!

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