Project for the Day: Fixing old Earrings

Have you ever had a pair of earrings that you have hung onto forever even though they are broken? If not, you may assume that I do :)

One such pair was just plain too pretty to throw. Also, they were a Christmas Gift a few years ago from my mother-in-law and they are the perfect color and amazing earrings. So, I was hoping I could fix them some day. Well that day was yesterday. Here is the broken one next to the good one. The beautiful center fell out (and although it looks good without the center and just the silver...the other one didn't fall out and I can't persuade it to fall out either, so they don't match).

So, here's what I did. First I matched the color of the background (the turquoise) and painted the inside. (the coloring actually has little flecks of color throughout it, but for my purposes, a solid background worked for this layer).

Once it was fully painted in, I got out the Mod Podge
dimensional magic (useful for jewelry making) and filled it in. (this dries clear, so it's great for preserving paper and other objects below it. It does dry lower as well so you will have to do several layers (AND MAKE SURE to pop any air bubbles - they do not go away).

Once it was dry, I painted tiny spots of blue and green on top. This gave it a similar dimensional look to the other (though I wasn't able to exactly match the green color, it still looked close enough to not look like a mismatched set). From close up, you can definitely tell, but I would guess when on opposite sides of my head, it won't stand out like the obviously missing portion would have :)

Yay! Fixed!

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