Countdown deliquencies

Sorry for the lack of upkeep on the countdown for the last few days. I was out of town (and as I am playing along on a friend's countdown, I couldn't pre-know what the items were.

Well let's see what we missed:

Countdown day 13: Mail a christmas card

Totally did this before I left :)

Countdown day 14: Treat Yourself to starbucks

I failed on this one. I don't even think there is a starbucks near where I was - it's not the sort of place I search for - however I did have some hot cocoa from a cafe and wedding cake :)

Countdown day 15: Bake Cookies

Unfortunately I did no baking or cooking at all on the 15th. I was in a hotel, so not the sort of thing you do there...I did however swim...

Countdown Day 16: Watch a Christmas movie in a theater

Totally failed on this one too. I spent the entire day in the car driving home... so even if there is a Christmas movie in the theater, I couldn't have done this one.

Countdown Day 17: Drive Around and look at the lights

I spent this day playing catch up from work...but my daughter and husband went around to look at the lights. and I know I saw some out the window :)

Countdown Day 18: Send a Christmas Card

I put out my card for our trash man and Tammy my mail carrier...we'll count that as sending ones

Countdown Day 19: Take a Treat to a Friend

Well, if my neighbors were around I would have completed this already, so I'm going to count my making an extra special snack for my daughter (who has had a cold for the last few days). She was thrilled. I can't really drive anywhere since I lent my car to a friend whose car unfortunately is a lemon. While she gets it repaired and buys a new one.

So now I'm all caught up.

If you watch the news at all you know this past weekend was an incredibly sad one for so many people. I've been trying hard to take advantage of my daughter's snuggles due to cold as much as possible. It's hard to believe that the children involved were only 4 years older than my baby. So very sad. I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak and misery those parents must be feeling! (excuse me while I go get another snuggle).

On a happier note, my younger brother got married this past weekend. He had a lovely short ceremony and a great dance with a photo booth (which my nieces and nephews took full advantage of). Also, on the other side of my family I got a new niece who is just a doll! I met her on the 13th (she was born on 12-12-12!), and I am looking forward to snuggling her again soon at the holiday festivities. I am trying my hardest to have my daughter's cold nipped in the bud before then so we are all nice and healthy!

I've been working hard on gifts as well...but we can't discuss them until after they are handed out...so stay tuned :)

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