Countdown Day 6: Donate to a family in Need

Today's countdown is a bit more challenging than yesterdays...but an excellent one.

I don't personally know any families that are in dire need of anything, so I'm going to donate through an organization to generally help families. I was even able to schedule a pick-up of items by a charity. You can search for organizations that do pick-ups by doing a google search for "charities that pick up" in your area pretty easily.

This actually works in pretty well with my sweep of the house while cleaning for the cookie exchange tomorrow, as well as the box of stuff I have collected to donate over the past month or so. This is generally items we either outgrew or just don't use, that I put in the box in the back of the closet until it's full and then donate. So I will collect any items we have laying around (especially the Christmas stuff that I continually store, but never use).

Not only do I get to feel good about donating, I get a cleaner house. Yay!

Happy playing along!

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