Countdown Day 5: Listen to your Favorite Christmas Album

This one is a cinch for people to play along with. I mean if you celebrate Christmas chances are you have at least a few songs compiled that are your favorites. So go listen to them stat!

I have quite a few songs that I enjoy, such as White Christmas (sung by Bing of course), Carol of the Bells, and Still, Still, Still, but as far as albums go, my favorite is called Celtic Christmas. It's mostly instrumental and full of bagpipes, whistles and violin. It's quite lovely and super relaxing. I'm listening to it right now, and already, I feel less stressed about everything in the world :)

My daughter's favorite, is without a doubt Chris Botti's December. She loves the trumpets. LOVES THEM. She actually will sit down with a blanket and listen to the entire album - and as a mom of a normally tigger-emulating 2 year old I can appreciate the power this album has over her.

My husband informs me his favorite is Stan Kenton, so we're pretty much an instrumental house here :)

What's your favorite?

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