Countdown Day 4: Take Holiday Photos

Today, I'm not sure if I have a pass or not...we took pictures of our daughter with Santa on the 30th at a local event. It was a very pleasant experience, because it was the best Santa ever! (No really, it didn't start well). Our daughter was scared of Santa and didn't want to stand next to him, but he got out a book and she proceeded to come closer to see pictures as he continued to read it. When she got close enough I asked if she wanted to sit on the chair next to him to see, she did. He continued to read until she was smiling, then he lay down the book, smiled for the camera, and then proceeded to finish the story! We got a lovely picture of a happy girl and our daughter has been saying every time she sees the picture that "he was a nice man".

But, I don't have pictures of my daughter alone...(but we do have ones scheduled for next week for our family pictures). So perhaps a little later I will take some pictures of our little girl all dressed up...we'll see :)

If not, here's a picture of my dining room all fancied up :)

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