Countdown Day 20 & 21

Well, day 20 got a bit busy for my friend, so I found out what the day 20 was this morning... it was make a gingerbread house. I haven't done this, and I admit it, I won't. I like to look at them, but just don't want to eat it and would hate to throw away that much candy/cookie. So I made doughnuts this morning instead.

I know it's not the same, and I'm ok with that :) They were delicious.

I use a recipe for baked cake doughnuts I found on line. I really love cake doughnuts, especially when warm, so I highly recommend it.

Day 21 is watch the SNL Christmas shorts. Totally done! I have a DVD of these and never mind watching them. Hillarious :) I think my favorite is the "NPR Splendid Table" one. :)

Have fun watching!

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