Countdown Day 10: Make a list of what you're grateful for

I really love this one. I'm a list maker, but it's rare that I take the time to list what I am grateful for or let the people I am grateful for know it so here you go (I'm going to do 10 to match the day):

1) I am grateful for my hard-working, kind, funny, and thoughtful husband. He definitely takes great care of me and our daughter.
2) I am grateful for my sweet, healthy, happy daughter. (I had several miscarriages before I finally successfully had her, so I am extremely grateful that I got my little girl- I can't imagine life without her amazing little self).
3) I am grateful for my large, close-knit family. I love being with them and spending time together - it's always fun and I wish it could be more often.
4) I am grateful for my in-laws. I definitely won the in-law lottery with that bunch!
5) I am grateful for my group of friends both far and near. There are some really amazing individuals.
6) I am grateful for my nice, safe home. I really love this little warm house. It's the perfect size for a little family and although there are a few things I would change about it if I had the funds to do so, the majority I would try to replicate if I ever move.
7) I am grateful for jobs. Both my husbands (which is our major support) and for the flexibility of mine. I know I got lucky that my employer let me work from home when I had my daughter, and even more lucky that they decided that it was working so well that they would let me continue from home.
8) I am grateful for all the time I have had with my daughter. I know that the time from birth until a child leaves home is gone all too quickly. Even the last two years have flown by in an instant.
9) I am grateful that my daughter has had the opportunity to spend time with all her great grandma and all 4 of her grandparents. These individuals are all a big part of my daughter's life and I kind of love skype for this reason. I am especially thankful she adores my dad (who has been ill and in a wheelchair her whole life) as I was very nervous around my wheelchair bound grandparents and I am hopeful she will have only fond memories when it comes to her relatives.
10) I am thankful for my IMing with my older sister. We both work from home (though several states apart) and I love that I have someone to chat with throughout the day. I also feel like I am closer to her than we ever were when we were sharing a room as kids :) So that has been awesome!

Well that's 10! That took no time and I'm sure I could have gone on and on...What are you grateful for?

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