Countdown Calendar: Day 1

It's that time of the year again. Where the countdown calendar is pulled out and I change my header on the site to be more festive. (Go check it out if your on a reader...it's our lovely Christmas tree).

One of my friends had a wonderful idea and created a countdown calendar with tasks she had to complete each day. I don't know what the tasks are, but I had agreed to play along at home... (feel free to join in :) )

DAY 1 was "Create a Christmas Ornament!

Thus far, this is right up my alley.

Before I get into what I created, a overly long back story ...my hubby and I have been together for 10 years. Throughout this entire time we have gotten a Christmas ornament to remember each significant event or thing we feel is a highlight of the year. It makes putting up the tree and covering it with ornaments awesome as we can relive each event and enjoy all the memories associated with each one. A lot have been vacations and big happy events (buying a house, marriage, engagement, baby, baby's first Christmas, etc). This year as we were putting up the tree we discovered to our dismay that 2012 hadn't been commemorated yet! We either had to go somewhere we had never been and hope it was amazingly worthy of an ornament or think back and get an ornament that would highlight something. We decided it was safer to do the later (especially since we are never opposed to having more than one per year).

The most significant memory from the year (or the item that stuck out the most and definitely had the biggest impact on my daughter) was the air show we attended back in September. My daughter has commented several times over the past few months. "Remember the silly airplane, bump on her head? {giggles}" Which is what she said when they drove up to the show and saw the large aircrafts with the radar on the top (which does look like a bump). She thought they were hilarious, and obviously still does.

I kind of love this because of the many memories I have from attending airshows with my dad when I was little. So, the ornament I wanted to get was an airplane to commemorate, my daughter's first air show.

And, we're back to today. Why buy an ornament when you can make one!

Using some old jewelry pieces and a lot of wire, I crafted our own little airplane ornament (and added bonus I now get the memory of having created it myself to boot)!

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