A Christmas Present: Two skirts

My local nieces didn't just get hats and scarfs from me. I also made the two older ones also got skirts. (I really don't sound like a fun aunt at all...hmmm).

My sister-in-law gave me measurements for the two older girls as well as a pattern she really liked when she made some. It's a nice simple pattern, so it works great.

I however, went a bit overboard (which if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know is bound to happen). Instead of doing a small ruffled skirt, I made a really intensely ruffled skirt (I think I am hoping the girls will love them more that way (and therefore not hate that they got clothes...OH PLEASE!)). It follows the same directions as the directions above, but instead of doubling the child's waist, I quadrupled it. Then I gathered it and attached it to the double width, then I attached another ruffle to the top of that...and another double width. Then I did a waist band with double the width and elastic...

I also used some fun retro-ish black and white polka dot fabrics for these as I figured they would go with anything, and they are super cute.

See, I can't do anything simply :)

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