A Christmas Present: a reversible beret

I actually was quite busy throughout November and December making presents, but as always, I didn't want to post about items until I had given them to the recipient. In the event that they read about their gift here first!

This was one of those. I actually made four of these berets (the other two had different fabric in place of the plaid as the plaid had no give, so they would outgrown them very quickly). One for my daughter and three for my nieces in town (an infant, 3, and 5 year old). This was part of their Christmas present (which included matching scarfs for the older girls.

I had a few lovely fabrics that I wanted to use  so here's what happened. I decided to make a practice one for my daughter first...then do others for the nieces so they would look nicer.

First I measured my daughter's head. Figured out the radius of the circle and cut out one circle that size. Then I added a few inches to that circle and cut out two (that's the basic premise of the beret, so it should have been adorable.

It would have looked a little bit better on an adult...on a small kid it was far too big and bulky (see my daughter? That thing was huge! She looks more like a person requiring a hair net than wearing a stylish, cute hat . So, I took it apart and trimmed it down quite a bit for the overall size.

Then I resewed it together and added elastic to ensure it not only fit, but stayed on (as it wouldn't cover as much of her head that way.

Once that was done I tested it and it fit much better. It was a bit more newsie than adorable little girlie hat at that point, so that required some embellishment.

Bring on the fabric flower pin in matching fabrics!

These I made 4 identical versions of so all the girls will match.

I started with a circle and sewed on petals (which I had treated the edges of with no-fray (a glue like substance used on the edge of fabric to prevent fraying and losing all your lovely fabric)). I gathered the petals as I sewed so that they would have some dimension to them as well as lay nicely. I also did a raised center to make it look a bit like a daisy and not be a huge flower. The petals used both colored fabrics from the hat so they look cute on either side. I then sewed these flowers to quilting safety pins so they could be easily transferred to either side or a coat lapel or such.

Once done, I pinned it on and tada! A cute little beret for a cuter little girl!

(Note: The plaid fabric I used here, was adorable and went wonderfully with the pink checked fabric from the other side, but had no give whatsoever. That meant there is very little growth room in this hat. Because of that I went and found a very nice no pile fleece fabric in off white that had plenty of give and used that for the other hats). Once my little girl starts to grow significantly I will remove the plaid fabric from the actual hat and replace it with the fleece I used for the other girls hats...the flower still looks great on all of them though :) )

Also, here's the matching scarf prior to my adding a stripe of the plaid fabric.

My daughter's version is plaid and pink only, whereas the other two older girls got these (with the plaid stripe added in between the two pink).

My daughter wore her's to my brother's wedding on the 14th and she got complimented everywhere we went, so I would assume the other girlies will look adorable in theirs as well :)

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