A christmas present: a new cat bed

So, I'm going to tell you about a present I made before I give it away! Gasp!

I don't think my cat reads my blog...and if she does she's pretty quite about it.

A few years ago I got a self warming cat bed for our cats (It's supposed to radiate the cat's body warmth back to the cat and keep them warm) for when they were home alone during the day. For the life of me I have no idea why everything that is for a pet has either a fish, bone, or animal print on it...but this one did.

I am not a fan of animal prints. Never have been, never will be. I don't even like fur lined jackets or other items as I just don't care for it, so I have been putting up with the silly animal print cat bed for three years, because my cat seems to like it, but it doesn't go with anything in my house, but as I was taking my last quilt picture it occurred to me that I should just make my cat a quilt since she loves them so much.

So, I decided to make new cover for the cat bed that would have a quilt top and cover that animal print!

I chose a nice fuzzy cream fabric for the backing, the pet bed of course would be in the middle and I made a mini quilt for the top (yellows, greens, blue, and black/gray) which ironically doesn't go with any of my rooms either...but still works better than animal print :)

I sewed it all together like a pillow and called it good. It also is washable (including the pet bed), so I didn't need to do a zipper or any other closure for removal.

I know she'll love it as she adores all quilts and her warm pet bed :) Merry Christmas Amethyst!

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