A Christmas present for a friend: A quilt

I can't remember all the gifts I have made and posted about already or not, but it seems I missed this one!

I have a dear friend who has been there for me since I moved to this city right after I got married. She worked at the same office, and I feel so very fortunate that I met her as she's an amazing individual. I was the matron of honor at her wedding even.

Well I have been meaning to make her a quilt forever! I have made several others for a variety of individuals, and I hadn't done hers yet as I wasn't sure what colors or pattern or such would work best. Well my friend just recently got new living room furniture, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a throw quilt for snuggling. I did tell my friend about the gift so she could pick the colors (she chose green and brown from her living room and a pop of yellow).

Here is the pattern I decided on (this is one row) and I used tons of different fabrics. I think my favorite it the white though. It has green branches and tiny owls on it (which my friend adores)! These picture makes them look fairly small, but those squares are 15 inches each, so the quilt is quite sizable.

I decided to do a wide variety of fabrics because I found so many beautiful ones in the colors she chose, but also several were quite pricey per yard, so I decided to do small portions of them to balance out the cost a bit with less expensive ones in the same color family. I think it really added to the beauty of the quilt as well, so I don't regret that decision at all. It's must more interesting to look at with all the different fabrics too.

On the back, I  created a stencil of a fox (her other favorite animal) to paint add the date and year and from portion. I really like this detail on the quilt, though it faded a bit after I washed it (I wash all the quilts I give before I give them away, partially to ensure there aren't and seams that will pop in the wash (and if there are I can fix them before giving) and also to remove any stray cat hair that may have gotten on it from my final pictures)). It was also necessary to wash this after I painted the fox (to make sure the color is set).

As you can see, I also embroidered the year and a little message on the fox in yellow thread. I had recently tried embroidering for the first time, and I am getting a bit better as I was able to make the letters much smaller than the last one :)

Here is the finished Quilt before it was wrapped up. As you can see, my cat has given her stamp of approval as always. Therefore, it was done and delivered :)

(if you notice, I didn't do an edge or binding on this one. i think it actually looks better on this one due to the many colors and patterns going on, so I omitted it, but it very easily could have been an even larger throw quilt :) )

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