Project from the weekend: A Starry Night

I should start this post by saying that I adore my daughter. She's a super cute little one and says fairly endearing things (especially for a 2 year old).

Recently when I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up she said she wanted to sit on the moon to look at the stars. I was tempted to immediately contact NASA to ask them to work on that so I could tell my daughter she could totally do that, but first I thought it would be helpful to make her dream a reality in a small way.

We decided we would paint glow in the dark stars on her bedroom ceiling so she could look at the stars in the evening. First we went in search of pre-made stars. We found a pack of 40 at Toys R Us, for basically $5, but that was more than I wanted to spend and, frankly 40 stars just didn't fit with my thoughts. I had thought they might have sheets of paper with glow in the dark stars, but no such luck.

Next door was JoAnn Fabrics and they had a great product called Glow-It craft paint that looks pretty close to white, but apparently glows well (according to the package). It was less than the prepacked stars so we decided to give it a shot.

I happened to have a ton of star stamps, so we set about stamping the ceiling with those. (We did this during the day, and it was rather hard to see where you had stamped, but we did a pretty good job with coverage), however if you are doing a room that doesn't have a child needing to go to bed at 8 pm...stamping/painting in the dark might be a great option as the paint does glow as you go. Also, the paint is a bit thin for stamping, but the important part was getting it on the ceiling and my stamps are all tiny so they didn't need to be perfect 'star' shapes.

We painted the milky way, Saturn, Earth, the big and little dippers, Orion, and Leo's sign (which is a daughter's sign and a very easy one). And then filled in with tons of little stars.

It was a beautiful reveal! My daughter was giddy and so were we. It turned out perfect!

Here is the only issue I have...glow in the dark is really hard to photograph... Here are the best pictures I was able to get and they don't even begin to show the scope of it. These are close-ups of two to three stars, so multiply that by a hundred or so.

Also, here is the bonus...during the day, you would never know that the ceiling has stars painted on it. It blends very well and we won't need to repaint the ceiling or peel down lots of little stars to sell if we ever move.

It definitely is a sight to see...in person :)

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