Project for the day: A surprise 30th b-day Pinata!

Today we are having friends over for the 3rd Annual Friend's Thanksgiving!

As always, the turn out of people attending is large and as a bonus on the fun we are celebrating my husband's 30th b-day with a surprise party portion. (His birthday is the 21st). Since we are doing a potluck, there will be several desserts and such so I determined a cake would be overkill and other decorations would clash with the thanksgiving party (which is still the main event in all of this).

Now obviously with a thanksgiving sized meal, the only thing left to do is to burn off a few calories with a fun game. And what better game than taking a whack at a pinata (even if you don't follow the same train of thought, just go with me here :) ), so I went about creating a "30" pinata.

This was a fairly simple Pinata... instead of doing paper mache - with all that flour and gluey mess, I did cardboard and masking tape. Yes, it won't be as durable, but I didn't think a bunch of just-fed adults who just gorged on a bunch of delicious pot-luck food (including Turkey) will be overly ambitious with their whacks.

Here's how I made it:

 I started by cutting out two "30"s in cardboard. I just unfolded a box and cut both at once, so it wasn't too tough to make sure they lined up and were identical).
 Next, I cut several strips of cardboard that were three inches wide and began to wrap it around the outside of the first 30, taping as I went. I cut pieces to match the edges of the 30 as it would have required more folding than I was willing to attempt and also made a nice clean line. Once the first side was taped I taped the back side on.
 Here it is with all the sides taped and prior to decorating it. I filled it with butterfingers (my hubby's favorite candy bar) and skittles, lifesavers, and star bursts. I was contemplating single serving plastic alcohol bottles, but that would have been a little expensive (as well as messy, should someone be a little more aggressive in their whacking than I anticipate).
 The covering for the pinata was just strips of wrapping paper cut with a fringe. (the paper was green, but the reverse side was white, so I used both to differentiate the numbers. I used some brown construction paper over the hole for the center of the zero as I didn't want to cut it out and such). These were just glued on with a glue stick.
TADA! A pinata for a surprise party!

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