Project for the Day: Recreating the past

I have a sibling wedding coming up this December. I'm thinking my daughter will be decked out to be a mini-me from my youth. You see I have in my possession some treasured family heirlooms by way of several lovely dresses my mom made for my sisters and I to wear when we were young. I have all of them. They range in size from infant to pre-teen. The most memorable of which were the red and white polka- dot dresses. These dresses were worn by all my sisters for tons of events and they really are lovely. To the right is a version of that dress probably in 1987 (I was the smallest girl then). Note the red dress and also the bracelet...

Well I found my old ballerina music jewelry box from my youth and discovered that bracelet sitting in there. Many of the beads were gone (and all of them had lost the pearl sheen they once had). Thought it might be fun if I fixed it up for my daughter to wear to the wedding with the red and white polka dot dress. Can definitely see that the pearls are not pearly anymore... so it probably ended up in the box because it just didn't look that good (it fits a small child up to an adult). Here it is prior to work being done.

I realized that I had a ton of pearl beads given to me from my mom to make jewelry for my younger sister's wedding. They were exactly the same size as the glass beads. It also was amazing that I had exactly enough straight pins to replace every missing pearl on the bracelet.

It actually looks pretty cute with the clear and pearl (definitely more youthful and fun that way) so I may just leave it that way...but if I decide to change it, I have to go get some more straight pins anyway.

My daughter will look awfully cute all decked out. She loves wearing the bracelet already...I'm hoping it will distract her enough in church to be really well behaved :) (wishful thinking I know...) And then when she's tearing up the dance floor (she is a dancing machine) it will be the perfect accessory.

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