Project for the day: A little hippo

So ages ago I had mentioned that I had attempted to make a hippo and ended up with more of a sheepo (which my daughter immediately fell in love with and kept, even though I intended to give it as a gift)...

Well, I managed to make a pattern for a new hippo from Sheepo and had the perfect opportunity to give it a try. I had a friend request a hippo for her daughter as a big sister gift, so I went about sewing up a cute little hippo friend (in pink as requested).

First, I cut out all the pieces out of some fabulous fabric I had on hand (a pink and purple plaid for the tummy, insides of ears, and feet; and a pink and white slightly fuzzy fabric for the back and head and ears). I had also included a lining fabric with the pink fuzzy fabric as it has quite a bit of stretch and I didn't want the filling to come through).

Once all the pieces were cut out I began sewing everything together: first the ears (since they had to be sewn into the head as it was sewn), then the head, then the body and finally the feet. I did the standard right sides together and then turning inside out (which was a bit hard on the body since I did the feet last and had to turn the entire thing inside out through a foot. The head was attached to the body after both were stuffed (and that was done by hand. I've discovered the seam at the back of the head to be the weakest on Sheepo, so I tried something different this time...I'm not totally sold that it's a final solution yet though. I may have to experiment with additional ideas to see if I can come up with something better.

The ears and head were attached at an angle, because it looked adorable that way for the ears (and by accident on the head), but it really turned out very cuddly and cute that way. It just seems to whisper: hug me! And here is the new little lady hippo with her grand-dad Sheepo. He thinks she's perfect. I've got to agree with him :)

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